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Scholarship Fundraising Tool Kit For Michigan State University Alumni Communities

Reference material for alumni communities raising money to support scholarships at Michigan State University.

Alumni Community Sponsored Awards at MSU

The following is a list of known funds supported by MSU alumni communities. This list is accurate as of April 2016.

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17 Reasons to Update Your Will

Worthwhile Updates: Your Guide to When and How to Change Your Will

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A Guide to Making Your Will

Direct Your Assets to the People and Causes You Care About Most

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Beneficiary Designations: the Three Easiest Ways to Leave Your Legacy

Make a Big Difference With Just a Little Effort

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Change Lives With Life Insurance

Gifts of Life Insurance: Three Ways to Turn Your Policy Into Support

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Estate Planning Starters

Where to Start When Organizing Your Estate: The Information You'll Need and How to Gather It

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How to Prepare to Meet With Your Attorney

Use Your Time Wisely: a Get-Started Guide to Seeking Sound Advice

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Make the Most of Your Retirement Plan Assets

Avoid Double Taxation and Support Our Work

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Plan for Retirement With a Deferred Gift Annuity

Extra Income Later, When You Need It Most

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Planning for an Uncertain Future

Millions of Americans Are Impacted: Are You Prepared If Dementia Affects You?

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Strengthen Your Future with a Charitable Gift Annuity

Receive an Income for Life and Save on Taxes