Fight Song Tweet-A-Long

Sparty stands with the marching band

On September 2, in celebration of College Colors Day, several university Twitter accounts had a Fight Song Tweet-A-Long. We've gathered their messages below so you can see the full conversation.

Throwback: What Is In Linton Hall Tower?

Linton Hall depicted on a postcard from 1910

An article originally published in fall 1993 shares the secrets of the tower perched atop Linton Hall.

2016 Summer Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics logo - Read about Spartans and MSU history in the Olympics

There are several Spartans heading to Rio for the games this week. We have a long tradition of Olympic sports at Michigan State.

A thank you to the family of the late Dr. Stan Idzerda

Dr. Stanley Idzerda (seated at table, far right) with campus colleagues.

Ann (Pirochta) Staranowicz wrote a letter to the daughter of Dr. Stanley Idzerda, original director of the Honors College. Her letter gives us a glimpse into what university life was like in the 1960s, and how the kindness of one person can change a life.

Linton Hall: A History

Linton Hall circa 1910

Linton Hall, the historic building we call "home", is the oldest standing building on campus. It has a long and varied list of former occupants (including a mammoth skeleton!)

Throwback Thursday: Teddy Roosevelt at MSU

Teddy Roosevelt in a car at MSU

In 1907 President Theodore Roosevelt spoke at the semicenntenial celebration of the founding of agricultural colleges in the United States.

A Look at Campus, Circa 1899, Through Modern Technology

Linton Hall circa 1910

Josh Schnell took full advantage of a research opportunity as a freshman. Now, as a junior, he has contributed to the collection of data about Linton Hall and MSU's archaeological past.

Happy Founders Day!

Beaumont Tower from air

Today is the 159th anniversary of the founding of what is now known as Michigan State University.

The Ghosts of Linton Hall

Happy Halloween! message over image of Linton Hall with a bat silhouette shape

Combing through the Graduate School archives reveals that Linton Hall may be home to more than you'd think. Happy Halloween!

msu.seum - Your Campus is a Living Museum

MSU.seum app

The msu.seum app lets you explore the history of MSU's campus and the processes used to research and preserve its heritage.

In Memoriam: Stanley Idzerda

Stan Idzerda and his daughter Ann

Stanley Idzerda, the founding director of the MSU Honors College, passed away on August 6, 2013, at the age of 93.

Olympic Sports: Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming

According to the official Olympics website, synchronized swimming is a new sport in comparison to many of the other Olympic sports.