Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an endowed fund and an expendable fund?

Expendable awards are distributed directly to students. Scholarships can only be granted when there is funding made available through donations. There is no minimum required amount to establish an MSU expendable scholarship. You may work with our office to establish the expendable scholarship agreement. 

Endowed awards are invested, and awards are distributed using the investment income. This means that the award lives on in perpetuity and can grant scholarships forever. A minimum of $50,000 is required to establish an MSU endowed scholarship. This can be made in one payment, or pledged over a period of time up to five years. Our office will work with you to draft a legal endowment agreement outlining the criteria and procedures for dispersing the awards.


We're Feeling Thankful for Our Supporters

Student scholarship recipients stand with Sparty in front of The Rock. The Rock is painted to read "Thank You For Giving."

Thank you to all who support students at Michigan State University!

Fight Song Tweet-A-Long

Sparty stands with the marching band

On September 2, in celebration of College Colors Day, several university Twitter accounts had a Fight Song Tweet-A-Long. We've gathered their messages below so you can see the full conversation.

Trained to Jump Out of Airplanes... and to Carry the Burden of Care

Skip Shipley in an operating room

Spartan Nurse Skip Shipley (Captain, U.S. Army Reserve) graduated from the ROTC in 1993, and later returned to MSU for his MSN. Scholarship and fellowship support helped him along the way.

Throwback: What Is In Linton Hall Tower?

Linton Hall depicted on a postcard from 1910

An article originally published in fall 1993 shares the secrets of the tower perched atop Linton Hall.

See-and-Do at MSU: September 2016 Edition

A panoramic view of campus with fall colors in the tree leaves

Each month we curate a list of events and opportunities that may be of interest to you. This is your guide to things to see and do on campus (or online!) during the month of September.

Iceland to California, a Summer Story

Jaaz and his friends in Iceland

This post comes from Jaaz Catterall, a student staff member in our office. Jaaz is studying at MSU on a generous full-ride scholarship. This financial freedom allowed for some very interesting summer adventures, which we've asked him to share. Enjoy!