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Olympic Sports: Volleyball & Beach Volleyball

Students playing volleyball

Volleyball takes two forms at the Olympic Games. According to the official Olympics website, volleyball was developed as a “less strenuous alternative to basketball.”

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Olympic Sports: Cycling

Bike office

Bicycles were invented in the mid-1700s, and have been popular ever since. The gear and chain design was invented in 1885 by J. K. Starley.

Olympic Sports: Boxing

Boxer Chuck Davey 1940

Boxing is one of the events carried over from the ancient Olympic Games. Its Olympic ties date back to the 7th century BC.

Olympic Sports: Handball

Handball court

Team handball has had a staggered life at the Olympics, being introduced in the 1930s, then used as a demonstration sport in the 1950s, and finally added in the 1970s.

Olympic Sports: Canoe & Kayak

Canoeing on the Red Cedar in the 1920s

Canoe sprint uses the kayak or the canoe. Kayaks are believed to originate from Greenland and were popular in North America.

Olympic Sports: Fencing

Student fencers 1929

Today’s form of fencing grew out of military training exercises, but swordplay has been around for thousands of years. Germany and Italy both claim to have originated modern fencing.

Ancient Olympics - Spartans Will!

Olympic banners at Jenison Field House

According to the official Olympics website, the first ancient Olympic Games occurred in 776 BC. The games were dedicated to Olympian gods and took place in Olympia.

Coming Soon! Beneath the Pines – Olympics Edition

Olympic flag

At University Scholarships & Fellowships, we are not afraid to admit to having Olympic fever. So we’re bringing the Olympics to you, Spartan style!

Featured Fellow: Jon Wargo – University Enrichment Fellow

Jon Wargo

Jon Wargo is a first-year University Enrichment Fellow at Michigan State University. He got started on his professional career in the Teach For America program in Colorado.

Featured Fellow: Heather Yocum, University Distinguished Fellow

White helmet on green background

Heather Yocum is a University Distinguished Fellow at Michigan State University. Her field research is based in Malawi.

Featured Fellow: Mark Balawender, RCAH Fellow

Mark Balawender

Mark Balawender is an RCAH Fellow at Michigan State University.