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Feeding the Community – State News Article

Food bank diagram

Today’s edition of The State News features a cover story on the MSU student food bank and the increase in students utilizing the program.

Kalamazoo Promise Featured in the New York Times

Kalamazoo street sign

If you graduate from high school in Kalamazoo, you could attend Michigan State University for free.

Go Big or Go Home!

Shaw Entrance Sign

Welcome to all incoming students and returning students. We’re glad you’re here.

eatured Fellow: Carolyn Hurst – University Distinguished Fellowship

Carolyn Hurst

Carolyn Hurst is a University Distinguished Fellow at Michigan State University.

Beneath the Pines: Olympic Recap!

Olympic flag

We hope you enjoyed our Beneath the Pines posts about MSU’s Olympic sports facilities over the last two weeks.

Olympic Sports: Weightlifting & Training Rooms

A student lifts a weight

Weightlifting was practiced in ancient societies, including in Egypt and Greece, but it was not developed into a sport until the 1800s.

Olympic Sports: Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming

According to the official Olympics website, synchronized swimming is a new sport in comparison to many of the other Olympic sports.

Olympic Sports: Basketball

Basketball team

Basketball, invented in 1891, is very popular in the United States. Women began playing the sport in 1893.

Olympic Sports: Judo

Judo practice

Jujitsu was the combat technique of ancient samurai warriors, and involved throwing and pinning opponents. Judo was developed in the 1880s.

Olympic Sports: Soccer

Soccer locker room

What Americans know as soccer is called football by the rest of the world. It is a sport that was developed in ancient China, with the modern version developing in England during medieval times.

Olympic Sports: Equestrian Events

Horses on campus

Horses were introduced to the Olympics in 680 BC in the form of the chariot race event. A previous post detailed the equestrian win of Kyniska of Sparta.

Olympic Sports: Triathlon

Triathlon team

Triathlon was added to the Olympics at the 2000 Sydney Games. It was developed in the 1970s as an alternative to track training.