The Schoenl Family Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas is allowing Honors College students to have a real and immediate impact on the lives of individuals in developing countries.

William J. and Linda M. Schoenl created the Schoenl Family Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas. This program provides financial support to fund projects proposed by Honors College students. Students design projects that will make a direct impact, alleviate dire human needs in countries outside the United States, and which can be implemented within one year. Examples of areas of need include: clean water, food, shelter, and medical care. Students must apply for the program through a process similar to a grant proposal process that they would undertake outside of the university. It is the hope of the donors that this competition will encourage students not only to think about how they might improve dire conditions of people beyond the borders of the U.S., but more importantly, to use the grant to make a difference, and impact that will help alleviate dire human conditions. You can learn more about the Schoenl Grant at:

Grant recipients have traveled around the world, leaving their mark on many countries in many ways.

  • Kathryn Bonnen worked to design, build and install solar-powered water heaters in schools in Peru in 2010.
  • Priyanka Pandey installed community water pumps in a village in India in 2010.
  • Gregory Jones helped with the construction of a four-room school house and a health center in Cambodia in 2011.
  • John Suddard-Bangsund worked with the MSU chapter of Engineers Without Borders to build latrines in El Salvador in 2012.
  • Tiffany Abrahamian installed sustainable latrines the fertilize local crops in India in 2012.
  • Laura Bailey worked with Spartans Without Borders to drill a well and installe a rain water collection system in Tanzania in 2014.
  • Elizabeth Brajevich provided piglets to farmers in Cambodia in 2014. Farmers were educated about sustainable farming practices, and the offspring of these original piglets will be passed on to other farmers.

Here is a video interview with Elizabeth Brajvich, discussing her Pass Swine On project, courtesy of the MSU Honors College:

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