We're thrilled to bring another Spartans at ArtPrize event to you, and this time it's even better than ever! Read more for info on Spartan Artist locations and to vote for your favorite.

ArtPrize is the annual "radically open, independently organized international art competition" hosted in Grand Rapids each year. It opens today, and runs through October 6, 2013. Since Grand Rapids is not too far from East Lansing, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that there are many Spartans involved in the competition! There are over 70 artists participating that either graduated from MSU or are on faculty at the university. In addition, thousands of Spartans will no doubt be attending the 19-day event. In support of these artists and art fans, several units at MSU have banded together to host an event at ArtPrize and to gather information to make your visit more enjoyable!

Spartan Artist Maps

There are many artists with MSU-ties exhibiting at ArtPrize. We've gathered all the ones we could find and put them on a map for you. Each version of the map includes the artist name, their affiliation to the university, and the location and medium of their art piece. There are over forty venues hosting MSU artists' work! For your convenience, the map is available in multiple forms:

Plotter - Plotter can be downloaded at plotterapp.com or from the app store. Once in the app, click to visit the Map Room, and search for "ArtPrize." Click the "Take Map" button next to the result titled "Spartan Artist Locations - ArtPrize 2013."

Google Maps - You can view the artists on a Google map (desktop and mobile) at http://bit.ly/MSUArt13Map.

PDF - You can download a printable version of the map and take it with you.

Cast Your Vote

We're having a friendly competition among Spartan artists competing in ArtPrize 2013 for MSU bragging rights. Cast your vote for your favorite Spartan artist on our poll (http://bit.ly/MSUArt13Vote), and then head over to www.artprize.org to also cast an official vote in the ArtPrize competition. Please note that votes cast in the Spartan Artists competition do not count towards the official Public Vote competition, so be sure to vote on the ArtPrize website as well.

If you need a quick reminder of which great Spartan artist did each piece, a slideshow of their work is available online, and below.

Attend Spartan Artists at ArtPrize

Several groups have banded together to sponsor an event at ArtPrize. Come join in on the fun! The event includes the MSU Food For Thought Food Truck, Dairy Store ice cream (while supplies last), Homecoming Super Hero items for purchase, an appearance by Sparty and more! Learn more, and register for the event, at http://alumni.msu.edu/artprize. The event is Saturday, September 28, from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in Grand Rapids. This event is brought to you by the MSU Alumni Association, the MSU Alumni Club of West Michigan, College of Arts & letters, University Scholarships & Fellowships Advancement Office, College of Human Medicine, and Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum.

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