ROTC members will run the game ball from Ann Arbor to East Lansing on the Friday before the MSU/UM football game, raising awareness for the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities along the way.

In a new tradition supporting the MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities and the UM Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, student ROTC cadets from both schools will run the game ball from Ann Arbor to East Lansing on the Friday before the MSU vs. UM football game. The 64 mile relay is being held in memory of Alex Powell, an MSU student who was diagnosed with cancer as he prepared to attend MSU as a college freshman. Please see the message below from Michael Hudson, Director of the Resouce Center for Persons with Disabilities, regarding this event. If you would like to contribute to the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, you may make a gift at

Alex Powell

Dear RCPD Alumni, Friends and Donors,

On Friday, October 24, 2014 we will see history in the making. The day before the famed MSU-UM football game, a group of people dedicated to advancing the visibility and capacity of disability services will do the unthinkable—run the game ball an incredible 64 miles from Ann Arbor to East Lansing. We have challenged our colleagues at the University of Michigan Services for Students with Disabilities in a race for awareness and capacity building. Their Army ROTC will join our Army ROTC and Playmakers Ultra Marathoner Mike Richmond in this extreme event advancing ability and opportunity. Our challenge to colleagues at the UM Services for Students with Disabilities requires optimal MSU participation to reach our highest potential.

For many, this event is a unique chance to reflect on where we are, how our life work impacts others on a daily basis and how the presence of strong disability service programs enable people to reach dreams and achieve life goals. Alex Powell was a student who dreamed of attending MSU. He worked with Team RCPD upon being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer as he became a freshman in fall 2010. The presence of a well-connected, ability-centered and caring Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities made the difference for Alex and his family, allowing him to reach a life goal of attending MSU at a time of noteworthy challenge. Working through the daily worries of a serious cancer diagnosis, MSU was there for Alex and his family when they needed help most.

Today, the family and friends of Alex Powell are rallying behind the MSU RCPD and those with whom we work by raising funds and awareness. I ask you to take a few minutes and review the fuller details of the Alex Powell Great State Race at

How you can help:

  1. Help us get word out of the Alex Powell story and the site. Social media connections and other ways of sharing the promise of MSU and the RCPD to change lives is important for those who have yet to discuss significant life challenges or those who might otherwise consider college an unreachable dream. We have adopted a hash tag for social media of #Run4RCPD which will help us track the many ways the story moves our community. Feel free to add that tag to your social media efforts.
  2. Help us connect with people who would like to invest in MSU and the RCPD. The October 24 date of the Alex Powell Great State Race is also the kick-off of the MSU Campaign which is intent on extending capacity at MSU.
  3. Join Alex’s family, RCPD, and a number of celebrities in person at the finish line (Spartan Stadium North end zone October 24 at 3:30) as we welcome home the Army ROTC, Mike Richmond, and the game ball. Other noteworthy community leaders will also join us including some people you won’t want to miss.
  4. Share your story of how the RCPD has impacted your life at: Your stories help us chronicle our history and impact and provide greater awareness of how we can continue to advance.

Funds raised will increase RCPD capacity to address unique needs and opportunities for those experiencing disabilities of all types. We therefore welcome your awareness, publicity, and collaboration.

Michael J. Hudson, Director

Michigan State University - Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

RCPD…Maximizing Ability and Opportunity!

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