Basketball, invented in 1891, is very popular in the United States. Women began playing the sport in 1893.

History of Basketball

Basketball, invented in 1891, is very popular in the United States. Women began playing the sport in 1893. Original versions of the game used peach baskets, and the modern hoop and metal backboard configuration did not appear until 1906. Original balls were brown – the orange version was introduced in the 1950s. Basketball was first introduced to the Olympics as a demonstration sport at the 1904 St. Louis Games. It was permanently added to the Olympics at the 1936 Berlin Games. Women’s basketball was added at the 1976 Montreal Games. NBA players were first allowed to participate at the 1992 Barcelona Games. The 2012 London Games has basketball games running throughout the Olympics. The medal rounds will take place on August 11 and August 12.

1905 Men's Basketball Team - (Michigan) State Agriculture College

Basketball at Michigan State

Chances are you’ve heard of Michigan State’s basketball program, even if you’re not a Spartan.

Tom Izzo

The program is one of the elite basketball programs in the nation and has won two national championships. There are dozens of Spartans in the National Basketball Association. The men’s team held its first season in 1898, and did not have a coach that year. Over time two Spartans have gone on to play for the United States Olympic Team (Magic Johnson and Steve Smith). The men’s team finished their 2011-2012 season with an overall record of 29-8 and a conference record of 13-5. The women’s team played its first season in 1972. They finished their 2011-12 season with an overall record of 20-12 and a conference record of 11-5.You can make a gift in support of the basketball programs on the MSU Giving website.

Draymond Green

We were able to go behind the scenes of the MSU basketball program. Click through the Beneath the Pines slide show below to view photos of the men’s practice facility, players’ lounge and locker room, the women’s locker room, the team video viewing room and the video editing room, the basketball offices & trophies, and Coach Tom Izzo’s personal office.

Photo Credits: 1905 photo courtesy of MSU Archives & Historical Collections. Draymond Green and Tom Izzo photos courtesy of MSU Communications & Brand Standards. All other photos taken by Katie Kelly, Communications Manager, University Scholarships & Fellowships.

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