With over 30 years collective experience working on campus, our staff knows a thing or two about summer construction. Here are some tips to help you survive!

There is a long told joke in Michigan that there are really two seasons: Winter and Construction. That may seem particularly true when you visit MSU's campus during the summer. There seems to be construction just about everywhere you turn. Each project impacts campus and the staff and students in different ways. In our case, Linton Hall faces the North Campus Infrastructure Improvements site - so there are pedestrian and vehicle detours for anyone coming to visit. The Chittenden Hall renovation project will mean that the Graduate School staff (with whom we currently share office space) will move to a different building in the fall, and our staff will be updating our existing space later this year.  

Summer Construction Survival Strategy

Anyone who has worked on campus for more any length of time has been through this before. Our advancement team staff has over thirty collective years working on campus, and we've learned a few things. Here are a few tips we've put together to help you survive during this construction season.

Plan ahead.

Take a look at the construction detours interactive map (it updates regularly) on the construction.msu.edu website to see what road and pedestrian detours you may run into as you travel through campus.

Give yourself extra time.

Leave early for meetings or classes, and give yourself more time than you'll need so if you run into unexpected construction fences (sometimes it seems like they move like the staircases in Harry Potter!) you will have time to walk around.

Have patience and keep the end game in mind.

The various construction crews are doing their part to ensure that MSU has a highly efficient, well functioning and beautiful campus that we can all enjoy. This might mean there are some minor hassels to deal with during the summer, but in the end it will make our campus an even better place to work, live and play.

Take time to watch.

Ask any alum or alumna to come back to campus today and they'll be amazed by how much it has changed. I have family members who have been shocked at the number of structural changes that have occured on campus since they graduated in the 1970s. I spoke with an alum at Grandparents University last summer who used to see cows from his window in Shaw Hall. Seriously. Even in the six years since I graduated with my undergraduate degree there have been several new buildings added to the MSU campus.

Take time to look around and wonder at all the change going on this summer and make a memory of it to compare with our future campus, years (or even decades) from now. It'll make good story content when you're talking to your grandchildren at Grandparents University.

2014 Summer Construction Projects

For the curious, below is a list of active projects in our East Lansing home. To read more about the specific projects, visit construction.msu.edu.

Residence Halls

  • Akers Hall - Dining and Life Safety Renovation - Updating infrastructure for life safety and accessibility code compliance.
  • Butterfield Hall - The final building to be updated in the Brody Neighborhood renovation strategic plan
  • Landon Hall - Dining and Life Safety Renovation - Updating infrastructure for life safety and accessibility code compliance
  • West Circle Housing Complex - Infrastructure Improvements - Updates needed to renew the existing 1940s infrastructure
  • Wilson Hall - Creative Commons Renovation - Creating a unique space to cultivate student entrepreneurs

Buildings - Non-Residence Halls

  • Bessey Hall - Third Floor Renovation - Updating the classrooms and corridor
  • Bio Engineering Facility - New construction
  • Breslin Student Events Center - New LED lighting installation
  • Chittenden Hall - The future home of the Graduate School is being restored after a 14-year vacancy
  • Clinical Center - Adding an HVAC system space and replacing the fire alarm system
  • Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) - Upgrading existing electrical cables from the T. B. Simon Power Plant to meet future load requirements
  • Munn Ice Arena - New ice plant and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems


  • MSU River Trail - Upgrades to the non-motorized circulation areas from the Sparty statue to Farm Lane
  • North Campus Infrastructure Improvement - West Circle Drive - Replacing the 102 year old arch-style steam tunnels
  • Parking Lot Repainting - Lines in various lots are repainted each year


  • Spartan Marching Band Artificial Turf Field - Creating an artificial turf lighted practice field for the greatest band in the world
  • Well House 32 - New wells are being added to the existing 18 wells that supply campus with water

Photo: Michigan State University Communications and Brand Strategy

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