Here's a tailgate recipe for the grownups, courtesy of MSU alumnus Bob Benenson (1977, Communication Arts & Sciences).

Saturday afternoon the Michigan State Spartans continue their season with a home game against the Youngstown State University Penguins. Kickoff is at the somewhat unusual time of 2:00 p.m. in Spartan Stadium. Both teams have a record of 2-0 going into the game, and the Spartans also have a record of 2-0 for games with weather-related stadium evacuations. (We hope that particular rain streak ends this week!)

For this week's feature in our Fan Faves & Raves series, we asked MSU alumnus Bob Benenson (1977, Communication Arts & Sciences), to recommend a recipe appropriate for the last home tailgate during what is officially the summer season. He recommends a “spiked” fruit salad that brings to mind summer sangrias.

In addition to serving as president of the MSU Alumni Club of Metro-Chicago, Bob is a journalist based in Chicago, Ill., specializing in sustainability and other food-related issues. Prior to this, he was a politics writer and editor for Congressional Quarterly in Washington, D.C. for thirty years. You can read his food journalism work at, and on his new website, Also be sure to check out his Chicagoland blog “Cooler on the Lake Shore” at

Liqueur-bathed Fruit Salad


  • 12 cups of mixed fresh fruit

  • 1/3 cup honey

  • Fresh-squeezed juice of 2 limes
  • 1/2 cup fruit liqueur
  • [For a half-portion, use 6 cups of fruit, a little less than 3 tablespoons honey, juice of one lime, and 1/4 cup liqueur.]


1) Pit and slice tree fruits; berries can be trimmed but left whole. Place all fruit in a large bowl or other container.

2) Combine honey, lime juice and liqueur in a bowl, mixing thoroughly, then pour over fruit.

3) Allow to steep in the refrigerator for at least four hours, or overnight. Serve in a glass or cup so you can drink that delicious liquor while you eat.

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